Tony Pecora's "Mr. Blue"
  Who is Tony Pecora? Well if you spent your teenage years in Livingston , NJ during the early 1970's the name Tony Pecora was considered a household name. When I moved to NJ in 1971, I was lucky enough to be introduced to a person I still consider to be one of my dearest and closest friends.
  Tony's love for fast cars, oldies, friends, and family was unprecedented. Tony was the go to guy for car problems. Tony was and still is what I consider to be a "natural", a person where the art of automotive knowledge and hands on abilities are astounding. When we were sixteen back in the day, Tony enjoyed spending many a Friday night with friends discussing his dreams of building a show winning car. Tony's dream car was already in the garage. In the early 1970's, Tony's sister had relinquished her rights to a factory stock 1968 Camaro 327V8 automatic. The " Mr. Blue" project took years of work and thousands upon thousands of dollars With Tony's desire, dedication, and persistence the stock 68 Camaro was transformed into a New York coliseum custom show winner. The Camaro, to this day, looks as good as it did thirty some odd years ago.

Please........... allow me to introduce..............
Tony's 427 L88 1968 Camaro, better known as
"Mr. Blue"

Follow your passion!

Mr Blue expecting a sister???

Tony has been hard at work creating a sister match for Mr. Blue.
The new creation will be designed and driven by the Mrs.
Check out the pics !!
The project is complete!!
What's next?
GTO?   Rag Top?    3 Window Coupe?
Stay Tuned !!!!!!
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