Nick demanded a "Certified Rebuilders" upper back panel limit switch for his " 1966 Thelma & Louise Restoration"

Check out what Nick, aka Nick's TBird, CA, from "Vintage Thunderbird Repair", haD to say about his relationship with Barry at  "Certified Rebuilders"
Enjoy the video........You can forward to time frame  "36:20"  for Nick's comments on Certified Rebuilders.

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" Had my switch rebuilt in 2013 and still working great " ! Sent another one in for rebuild May,2022 . James P. Ford , Delaware

" Got my switch back from Certified Rebuilders today. Nice looking piece of work. Hooked it up and my top was back in business".  Paul Swietek, Apache Junction, AZ  

" My new switch arrived an hour ago. It's installed and it works perfectly!" . " Barry rebuilds these switches to outlast and outperform the original version. I'm a very happy camper". Jim Smith, Saskatoon, Canada.

I installed the switch last weekend and it works just fine. Thank you for your great work. I wish all T-Bird vendors were as diligent and dedicated as you are. Best Regards, Jason Schug .

I really want to thank you for your help and support. You produce a quality product with quality support. I can't thank you enough, Mike Zoruba

The switch arrived yesterday.. it looks wonderful. I hooked it up last night and it went through all the stages of closing with the top down with no problems. Thanks again for your prompt service and great price, John O'Keefe

Just wanted to let you know the top is once again working and seems to be going through all its cycles properly now. Thanks for the good job rebuilding the switch. Rich Rambo

Kudos to Barry Tatelbaum and Certified Rebuilders for exceeding expectations. In only eight days (instead of the fourteen promised) I received back a much better than new upper back panel limit switch for my 1966 Lincoln convertible. I have owned this car since 1967, and for the first time the top works flawlessly.

The upper panel switch has always been the weak link in the top's operation. That link is now strong. Thanks for a job well done! David Deming, Stamford CT