price guide
1964 -1966 Thunderbird & 1964 -1967 Lincoln continental

$375.00        Average charge for full restoration.  Includes all new and improved internal parts. Utilizing customer's core.*

$675.00        Average charge for full restoration, out right purchase, customer does not have a core or customer's core is not restorable. Purchase includes our supplied core when available*

$25.00 to $150.00        Credit for returned customer core, based on core condition . Core credit will be determined on condition and inspection.

$200.00        Service and repair switch to operable condition. Based on your core condition.*

$150.00        Reassemble and test your switch, all parts intact. *     

$ FREE          Check and evaluate switch condition  N/C.*

*Restored, Serviced, Repaired, and Assembled Switches are Tested, Adjusted and Pre-Set to                 
 Operate Correctly.