I'm not sure what to do......Can I call and get advice on what to do with the switch?
Yes,  call us @ 732-780-7531.....If you get our answering machine leave a message and we will be happy to give you call. Or call cell 732-598-0532

Do I have to have my switch completely rebuilt ?
No..... If you want we can charge you just for the repairs necessary to get the switch up and running. You have dollar options. Although the complete rebuilt unit will provide the longest reliability against common failures.

What is the installation procedure?
Go to the "Installation & Adjustment Procedures" page for information.

Can I receive a free estimate of repair?
Yes..... Mail your switch to the address in "contact us" for a free no obligation estimate.

What are the alternatives to repairing my switch?
Currently there are a limited supply of NOS switches available in the $600.00 range, which we also have in stock. These switches are NOS Lincoln replacements for the T-Bird or Lincoln.  However these switches still have all plastic parts. Another option is the electronic micro switch which entirely eliminates the "upper back panel limit switch",  these units are quite costly, sensitive to vibration, and take away from the "originality" of the vehicle.

Do you have switches available for immediate sale, I don't want to wait?
You would be charged an initial core charge of $300.00 plus the switch restoration charge of $375.00.  Upon receipt and examination of your returned core, the charge $$$ for core credit will be returned to your account based on the condition of the core. Returned cores that are damaged and or have missing parts will not receive full $$$ credit. Check our "Switches for Sale" page to see what is currently available. Call for availability..........

How long will it take to restore my switch once you receive it?
"Excellence is worth waiting for". Normal turn around time for full restoration is under one week. Every component is examined and restored to new condition. A basic rebuild service takes 3 to 4 days, most ship within 24hours .

Do you sell any of the parts that you have had produced?
Due to the costs involved to have these parts produced we do not sell individual parts.

I need a switch but don't have a core to send in. Can I buy a switch without one?
You would be charged a $300.00 core charge in lieu of a rebuildable core. If available.....The upper back panel limit switch has not been produced ( by FORD ) since 1970.

Can you just repair what's broken without rebuilding the whole unit?
Yes, send the switch in and we will email you with options.

Is there a warranty on repairs?
All restored switches and repairs are warranted for 1 full year against defects in workmanship and materials.  

Payment can be made by major credit card, personal check, or money orders.

Do you have wholesale accounts?
Yes, wholesale accounts are welcome and encouraged. To discuss quantity wholesale pricing, please call 732-780-7531 or send us email to info@certifiedrebuilders.com with your information.

Do you ship overseas?  Yes we have shipped switches around the world.  Customer pays for shipping and handling.  We have a lot of friends in Sweden!!!!!!!!!!!